Friday, December 17, 2010

Crispy Potatoes

Another quickie!

Im on a quest to learn to cook things that are easy to make, dont take much time and are tasty. So here's another recipe that definitely goes into my quick-to-make-and-perfect-to-take-to-work log. Because its simple, quick, crispy and tasty. Oh and it features POTATOES. who doesnt like potatoes? And when the potatoes in question are crispy, theres no doubt about it.

Here's what I used:
Potatoes, chopped into fingers. Not too thin so they turn into wafers, and not too thick so they dont get crispy. They need to be just right.
Chilli powder

Here's how I made it:
Peel, wash and chop potatoes into slender fingers.

Heat a little oil in a pan. When relatively hot, throw in some jeera, followed by mustard and a pinch of turmeric. When the mustard and jeera begin to sputter, throw in the potatoes and toss around continuously.

Continue to toss around on a medium-high flame, so that the potatoes cook and get crisp. Add some chillipowder, as per taste/spice threshold and continue to toss. The potatoes will first turn a golden brown, and later crispy brown. You'll know when its done.

Crispy Potatoes go best with a humble dal rice and a wintry night.

EDIT: Not quite done. As my mother rightly pointed out i forgot to mention the pinch of asafoetida that needs to go in right after the jeera and mustard seeds and right before the turmeric!


  1. Hello...... hing??? Sorry but you forgot the hing!

  2. yum! I love potatoes like this. I have to come visit you.

  3. anon-amma: done done..

    jyotika: come!

  4. LOL @ anon-amma's indignant chiding :)

  5. pk: a girl can never escape them, no?!

  6. this blog is such a great going to try out some of your brave them coming!!! love Puja!

  7. Pooja: you should let me know how brave you get and how your experiments turn out!