Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mango parfait

Using up the last mangoes of the season, to fix a wretched day

Lets just say today needed fixing. When you spend a Saturday glued to your computer, in an office chair, it needs fixing. So I decided Id welcome the rains, by saying goodbye to the summer, by finishing up the last of the mangoes. Iv discovered theese glorious Goan mangoes and enjoyed them thoroughly this summer. So there!

I basically followed the Strawberry Parfait recipe, just replacing strawberries with chopped fresh mangoes, that were so sweet they didnt need added sugar! Anand tried this a few days ago with fresh peaches thrown in, and he said it was divine (for those of you who like to pair interesting flavours). However, today I had no time to go look for peaches. I needed comforting, and I needed it quickly.

So Im not going to elaborate the recipe all over again. Just leaving you with some pictures. Try this one, quick! Before the mangoes say goodbye for the year!

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  1. looks yummy!!! Will definitely try before the mangoes vanish!