Sunday, April 24, 2011

Homemade chocolate fudge

When VC has an intense chocolate craving that must be quickly satiated

Its been a slow and lazy Sunday, with me struggling to finish some pending office work before I head back to work tomorrow. Given that I woke up 3 hours later than usual, decided to paint another picture (rather than get straight to work), blog about the weekend and the strawberry parfait and the cheese omelette (rather than get straight to work), do a batch of laundry (rather than get straight to work). With great difficulty, I managed to get my butt down to it and had finished 1 out of 3 things when VC declared that he had this intense chocolate craving. I was looking for a distraction and a reason to stop working and do something more interesting.

I also had some digestive biscuits and cream leftover from yesterdays parfait experiment, which I knew I could put together with the cooking chocolate thats been lying neglected in the fridge.

The thought of instant chocolate also excited VC enough to volunteer to shoot the process (something he hasnt done in forever) so here is the recipe with pictures a la VC. I dont know about you, but I can tell the difference :)

What we used:
200 gms cooking chocolate
50 ml fresh cream
200 gms digestive biscuits, crushed
A dash of brandy

What we did:

Chop up the chocolate nice and fine.

Put it in a dish, which you can immerse in a bowl of boiling water to double boil, so that the chocolate melts evenly.

While this is slowly melting and coming together, powder the digestive biscuits. Use your hands because you dont want a fine powder, a little rough unevenness is good!

Set the biscuits aside and turn to the chocolate, which should have melted by now. Keep the flame going, stirring continuously until the chocolate is molten and smooth.

Add a dash of brandy, pour in the cream and mix well.

Next, combine the powdered biscuits with the molten chocolate and stir well. This should give you a thick chocolate-biscuit paste.

Pour the mixture into a wide plate, spread around evenly and set in the fridge to cool.

When it has set, chop into pieces and enjoy!



  1. ok bAS.. You are KILLING me. What a weekend. I am so inspired by you. i have like 10 pending posts. must do them all/ Love u revati!

  2. oh and Im adding this fudge to - the when i come to goa list...

  3. hahahahahahahaha.. go for it! i cant wait to see anand's banoffe pie! dont make me wait any more pwease

  4. oh the dear lords :) this is dis simple and i have not done this yet ??? aankh kholne k liye thank you and yes VC pics are super always

  5. make it make it.. welcome back delight for Mr G!

  6. thank u so much... should start cooking.. about time.! urgh..anyway.. thanx.. I guess I would start with this.. :P

  7. Can brandy be replaced with any other liquor? Or can we completely eliminate liquor from the recipe?

  8. Hey Conman: you could use bourbon or dark rum too. And eliminating it altogether is possible, but you would definitely lose some flavour. Brandy/dark rum/bourbon complement chocolate SO well.

  9. Ok cool. Trying this out today... Thanks for the quick response mate.

  10. Tried it! Turned out to be AWESOME!!!!! :-)