Monday, April 4, 2011

Caramel custard

Remembering an old favourite, and trying to get it right

With a lot of weekend time on my hands all of a sudden, I have been catching up everything I have ignored for a while. That includes catching up on the many blogs I read, and sifting and sorting through my pictures/movies/data. While going through my hard disk today, I discovered some unposted pictures that were meant to go into this blog. Thats what led to the noodles post earlier today.

I also found a bunch of pictures from a cookout Anand, the husband and I had at home the last time he was down. And I was reminded of the best, most perfect caramel custard we turned out...

It also reminded me about how I have been missing in action from my kitchen, my blog and the hobby of cooking in general. This is such a simple recipe that Anand shared with me, I realised I had almost everything I needed ready at hand. So inspired by the most perfect caramel custard, I decided I must give it another go. Here it is!

What you need:
500 ml milk
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar (for the custard)
3-4 tablespoons sugar (for caramelisation)
Vanilla essence

What you need to do:
Boil the milk, and add in 1/2 cup sugar, stirring continuously so it is completely dissolved. Set aside to cool.

Crack open the eggs in another bowl and beat till really fluffy. Set aside.

In a pan, spread the sugar out for caramelisation, pour a few cap-fulls of water to moisten it and begin to caramelise on a medium flame.

The sugar will first dissolve, then begin to bubble and slowly caramelise.

If you like it sweet, stop when it is golden. For those who like it slightly burnt, let it cook a while longer.

Pour into the mould and set aside.

Combine the eggs with the milk and mix well. Then pour the mixture into the mould.

Pressure cook for about 20 minutes. And it should come out looking something like this.

Voila! Done!


  1. dudeeee RERE im sooo impressed dudee.. i WANT IT NOWWW!!! shatsss amazing bob.. i mean you even got the shape dudee.. like with the curvy's on the side.. :D :*

  2. bwahahahaha..the curvys are thanks to the mould anand very kindly gave me :) he's like the kitchen santa. every time he has visited me so far he's brought one kitchen item :P

  3. Only if there was someone to tell me how to go about looking for vanilla essence in Vietnam... is it powdered? I'm new to the world of exotic cooking you see...

  4. the store bought vanilla essence you get in India is usually in liquid form. I wish I could help you in some way. Alternatively, you could just use some powdered nutmeg if thats easier to find.